Wrought iron doors – timeless style

Wrought iron doors have been used in stately homes and royal castles – they carry the proud heritage of style, quality craftsmanship and beauty in a way that makes them timeless.

Donatello doors makes wrought iron doors and complementary structures such as sidelights and transoms. Time honored techniques of ages past have been improved by better quality materials, tools and the accuracy of the computer age. Our iron doors are still forged by artisan blacksmiths – but what they are able to produce could not have been imagined in ages past. Today, our doors grace and protect the homes of many proud owners. Wrought iron is still a powerful statement of status, beauty and unassailable security.

Recently, we heard a story from one of our customers with a Donatello Door installed in a region that was hit by severe floods. The fire department was called to go door to door to ensure everyone was safely evacuated. In the emergency conditions they crashed through entry doors of prestigious, custom homes, with axes and battering rams. However they could not break through our customer’s Donatello door and had to find a way in through a window. They informed our customer later that it was the only door that ever been defeated them.

Donatello doors has made custom designs for homes, businesses, churches, conference centers, community centers, universities and shopping malls. We take pride in guaranteeing customer satisfaction. In many cases, this means catering to people with extraordinarily high standards. One customer acknowledged that she demands most work to be done 3 or more times before she is satisfied. An interior designer herself, her standards are nothing short of perfection. When she received her Donatello door, she called to tell us that she had gone over it with a fine tooth comb, and could not find one detail, one slight flaw or imperfection and was amazed at the quality of workmanship and the beauty of the item that took her nearly a year to decide to purchase.

Our customers come from widely different backgrounds, not all are as exacting and demanding as the aforementioned client. However, it is our pride and commitment, that every customer is treated with the same standards of excellence that has given us the reputation that we have in this business today.

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