Wrought Iron Doors That Stay Warm In Winter

Insulated iron doors are constructed using steel tubing which is filled with polyurethane foam for insulation. But, the steel itself conducts the heat right around that insulation and out into the atmosphere. In freezing weather iron entry doors will suffer from condensation and even frost on the inside of the door. “The inside of the door surface will stay about the same temperature as the air outside”, says Robin Haynes, CEO of Donatello Doors.

Donatello’s Polar Shield™ doors incorporate a thermal break that extends throughout the door, window, jamb and threshold – shielding the inside of the door from the temperatures outside. “We basically slice the whole unit in half, and then sandwich a highly insulating thermal barrier between the two halves.” Haynes says “This effectively breaks the flow of heat from one side to the other, changing the U factor from about 4.3 to 0.41 – a 1000% improvement!”

Polar Shield™ doors cost more than regular wrought iron doors but Haynes points out “The energy savings of Polar Shield™can be as much as $130 per month over a regular wrought iron front door, returning the investment within the first year.” Donatello Doors also competes very well with the price of alternatives made from distinct wood or composite. “Considering our doors are unique hand-built creations, require no maintenance and come with a lifetime structural warranty – they are a solid investment”, Haynes says.”

Wrought iron doors also offer a huge security advantage. “They are essentially impenetrable,” says Haynes, “they turn a house into a fortress – and the feeling you have when entering a home through one of our doors is extremely impressive – they just exude a sense of awe and opulence.”

Donatello Doors can hand-build an entryway in any style, traditional to modern or classical. They also offer many other products – windows, railings, gates and even garage doors, so that the theme established at the entryway, can be carried throughout the entire home.

Customers can get an idea of how their thermal insulated doors will look by using the Design Studio application on Donatello Door’s website. “It allows a customer to design a complete entryway unit, get a preview of what it will look like in detail and also see a detailed quote right on the site – instantly,” Haynes says. “Contractors love it because they can take their customer to the app and let them play with what they want and know exactly how it will fit into their budget. It’s another unique advantage to working with our company.”

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