Wrought Iron Doors Insulation Breakthrough

CM: Tell our readers about your company.

RH: Donatello Doors manufactures hand built, wrought iron doors, windows, garage doors, railings and gates. While our main focus over the last 15 years has been entry doors; we offer other products so residential and commercial home builders can create an aesthetic theme throughout an entire home.

CM: What are the advantages of your thermal break iron doors?

RH: Security is very high on the list, our doors are basically impenetrable, turning any house into a fortress – absolutely nothing gets through them. As an example, our certified hurricane doors are the same construction as all our doors, we just add laminated glass. These doors are able to withstand large objects being hurled against them with terrific force – and they carry a lifetime structural warranty.

However I think the biggest appeal is their aesthetics. They are extraordinarily elegant and impressive exuding a sense of opulence, power and grandeur like no other. Hand built in many different styles – traditional to modern, investing in one of our doors is like buying art – with a beauty and character to behold day after day.

CM: Wrought iron doors are more common in southern or coastal regions, but we don’t usually see them in colder zones. Why is that?

RH: That’s because this type of door is built using steel tubing. The tubes are filled with polyurethane foam but the steel itself conducts the heat right around that insulation. This means the inside surface of the door stays basically the same temperature as the air outside. In cold weather, you can get condensation or even frost on the inside of the door as the cold steel meets the warm air of the home.

Our patent-pending “Polar Shield” technology utilizes a thermal break within the iron front door, window, jamb and threshold, that stops heat from passing through the door, changing the U factor from 4.3 to 0.41 – a 1000% improvement! Costing more than a regular iron door, Polar Shield™ doors are still price-competitive with wood or composite. This energy efficient technology can also save over $130/month on heating bills – earning back the extra cost in the first year.

CM: What else makes Donatello Doors unique?

RH: Design Studio is our web-based app that allows a customer to design your own door unit, get a preview of what it will look like and also get an instant quote, right on the site. Contractors love it because their customers can explore their options and know exactly how it will fit into their budget. It’s a unique feature to our company – part of our ethic of making business easier for everyone.

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