What’s New in Custom Homes

Custom homeowners have discovered the timeless beauty and unmatched safety provided by iron. In addition to being virtually unbreakable, they are fire proof and can express creative flair better than any other material.

Only one company, Donatello Doors has patent pending thermal break technology, which has made iron doors suitable in every climate. This new internal design, keeps the cold out and makes iron doors a highly energy efficient choice. With added transom or sidelights, an entranceway truly embodies the grandeur and grace of the modern custom home.

The interior of custom homes has evolved in the last decade from showy formality to a sophisticated but simplified living style. Rather than an emphasis on defined rooms for dining, living and recreation; spaces are emerging that promote easy movement from one activity to another, from inside to outside, promoting flexible use and sumptuous comfort.

People want a more personal and relaxing space that reflects their tastes and puts their guests and family at ease. This new approach is carried through with a beautiful, harmonious color palette, more natural light and elegant design. Natural materials range from steel fixtures, iron grillwork, stone fireplaces to wood with unique grain patterns to hand woven wool carpets. The emphasis on a natural materials helps to create an environment that breathes.

Light becomes a primary feature in today’s custom home and energy efficient windows, doors and solar tubes are de rigueur. Technologically smart homes with integrated security systems and convenience are also more in demand. For a generation accustomed to having everything at the touch of their phone, it’s natural to want up to the minute reports on your home’s security, to open and close your garage door or front door remotely and even have your coffee brewing before you wake. The modern custom home is a wonder of technology, a safe and sensual retreat where every detail is a work of art.

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