Updating Your Entry Door

Updating Your Entry Door

If you are planning to sell your home, updating the entry is even more important because buyers are known to make their decision before they even enter the home.

Never underestimate the benefits of curb appeal when presenting your home. Too often a potential buyer will just drive by and not even stop to see all the upgrades inside if the outside of your home says – needs work or old fashioned! Even if you intend to stay in your home forever, a new front entry door adds substantially to your home’s value and you get to enjoy it, for years to come.

Today there is not as wide a price difference between buying a wooden door or a wrought iron door. Wood has become more expensive and has a higher ecological footprint than iron, which is entirely recyclable. Wrought iron adds drama and interest that wood generally doesn’t provide. Plus, a wrought iron door doesn’t require any maintenance while providing even greater security. While all choice is driven by aesthetic appeal, it’s good to consult with a realtor for advise on what is selling and considered more desirable in your area. Over the last 20 years, wrought iron doors have become more popular as they say prestige and value more solidly than any other type of material and also gives you more options with choice of grillwork designs.

Your next choice is to consider how much light you would like to bring in through your entryway. Wood may allow modest inset glass, but with Wrought iron, your door can have nearly all glass covered by iron grillwork. Both wood and wrought iron doors can be made with sidelights and transoms to increase the amount of light coming into your home. However, with wrought iron covering those windows, you have much greater security and the option of opening the sidelights to allow air to enter the home while you are still protected. A single entry door with sidelights and transom can easily be expanded to double doors, or even double doors and transom. By adding sidelights and transom, your entryway will be more commanding and impressive and your home more delightful.

Most entry doors come pre-hung in a frame and are often pre-drilled for a knob and lock. However, the hardware is typically not included since you will want to choose a style that matches other features of your entryway, such as external light fixtures. If you choose wrought iron you can maximize the impact by accessorizing with wrought iron pieces elsewhere such as a gate, balcony, mailbox or iron staircase inside.

Homeowners who get involved in the choice of their entry door are likely to find the experience much easier than expected, especially when you can see all your possible choices online and experiment with the different looks at the touch of a button. In the end, whatever new entryway you choose, you want to be certain that it matches your personal esthetic and is a style that will be timeless and enduring.

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