Top 6 Benefits of Wrought Iron Entry Doors

Sales of wrought iron entry doors have been climbing dramatically for the last 10 years, and that trend shows no sign of slowing. The reason that more people have come to appreciate this style of front entry door over conventional wood or fiberglass entry doors, is as varied as the people who chose them.


There are many rational reasons to chose an exterior wrought iron door; such as increased security, lack of required maintenance and unbeatable durability. However when you talk to homeowners who have chosen a wrought iron entry door, that isn’t what they appreciate. It’s the prestige… Nothing says success like a classic styled home graced with elegant wrought iron doors, gates and ornamentation. It truly exemplifies the statement that your home is your castle.

Wrought iron is still used commonly in museums, palaces, cathedrals, government buildings and the mansions of the rich and powerful. There are many developments that feature custom designed homes though they usually offer standard, nonetheless expensive wooden doors. It is still the exceptional home that chooses wrought iron and so more than anything, iron entry doors says to the world, that you are affluent and exceptional.


A wrought iron entry door is a major part of the first impression of your home, just as someone’s face and clothing greatly influence how they are viewed. This statement can be understated and conventional, ie normal wooden or fiberglass doors, or extraordinary – wrought iron.

What homeowners are talking about is the sheer beauty of wrought iron, its weight, its substance, the masterful detailed craftsmanship that make it an object of art, rather than a just a utilitarian feature.

New home owners who’ve purchased a wrought iron entry door online without seeing it beforehand, are completely amazed at the transformation that it makes to their home. They describe sitting camped out in front of their entry door, simply to admire it. They describe cars stopping to gaze at the door and neighbors requesting the name of the manufacturer. The beauty and awe that an affluent iron entry door inspires is something that doesn’t wear off. Home owners who have to move and sell their home, invariably choose a wrought iron entry for their next home. It’s love at first sight that endures.


Your wrought iron entry door also fulfills the critical function of expressing your style and values. No other type of material does this as well as wrought iron. Its malleability gives it the greatest artistic range of expression. From the classical look of a medieval castle to the elegant simplicity of zen, to wildly modern design – wrought iron delivers whatever style you want to convey. You can also choose color and texture as well as the obvious design choices of shape, size, added elements of sidelights, transom or other embellishments. The choices are truly endless.


And then there’s the light. Modern homes are built around light, a sense of expansiveness and warmth that employs natural materials like wooden floors, marble counter tops and iron railings and sconces. Of course you can put glass into a wooden or fiberglass door, but they don’t feature the opening windows that allow your door to bring light and fresh air flooding into the home while still being guarded by an impressive half ton of steel! This feature of bringing in the light is even more divine when you add sidelights and transom or in homes with a very tall entryway – a separate floating circle of light above your door.


Today crime is a factor that needs to be considered no matter where you live and security features are just common sense. Wrought iron doors give greater protection against home invasion than any other type of door. It’s been reported that thieves simply avoid such homes knowing that a wrought iron door will be impossible to break into. Owners of wrought iron entry doors also love the fact that they can open a window and see clearly who is standing on the doorstep and decide if they should gain access or not. The decorative grillwork prevents a hand coming through and you remain safe as you assess a stranger. Steel is also completely fire proof and not even a battering ram can break through a wrought iron door. These are the features that have made wrought iron the preferred entry for castles and government buildings for ages and today it’s the reason why people of worth are choosing wrought iron.

Durability & Strength

Your double wrought iron exterior door is made from a high grade of steel that is measured by gauge. The highest quality wrought iron entry doors are usually 12 gauge or 2 inches thick. The security and the strength of your door is lessened if the gauge is higher than 14 because as the gauge number goes up, the strength and thickness of the steel goes down. The majority of steel doors are made with very thin steel that is mechanically pressed into shapes rather than being forged and beaten into shape by an ironworker. These type doors typically use a 24 gauge steel and are understandably much cheaper and less durable.

In summary, not all steel doors are alike. The strength and durability of your door begins with the strength of the steel used and then the treatments and finishes used will determine how well the door lasts through years of exposure to the elements. A well-crafted wrought iron door, should have been galvanized with hot zinc- the most durable industrial grade rust proofing. Some of the best companies will perform a 10 stage processing to assure that your door never rusts and the paint is chip and weather resistant. Wrought iron doors are renowned for requiring the least amount of care and maintenance and maintaining their beauty and strength for a lifetime. But in summary, the most common reason that people give for choosing wrought iron for their entry is that they simply fell in love with it.

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