Thermal Break Technology Revolutionizes Iron Door Industry

Many have tried, but have only managed a partial solution. Donatello Doors Polar Shield™ technology has now made wrought iron doors thoroughly suitable for cold climates.

The temperature difference between inside and outside can be over 100º F in cold winters and steel doors conduct that heat right out the door. When the cold from outside meets the warmth inside, it can cause condensation or even frost on the inside of the door, making a regular wrought iron door inappropriate in areas with cold winters.

Polyurethane foam in the core of a wrought iron door does very little to stop heat flow because the steel itself conducts the heat right around that insulation. Polar Shield™ has thermal breaks in every part of the door – effectively breaking the flow of heat from the inside to outside. With the addition of our proprietary seals, made to withstand the greatest temperature variation without cracking or becoming brittle, Polar Shield™ keeps the warm in and the cold out.

A typical wrought iron door has a U factor of 4.34, compared to 0.41 for Polar Shield™ – representing a 1000% improvement in insulation. While essential for colder areas, this technology also saves energy in warm climates where Polar Shield™ doors can qualify for an Energy Star rating. Energy savings can be well over $100 per month, easily justifying the higher cost of Polar Shield™.

Another Donatello difference is our innovative Design Studio app that allows you (and your customer) to visualize a complete door unit with all the variations of design, shape, configuration, glass, finish and hardware. At every stage you get an immediate and firm quote so that you can keep within budget.

We have a very extensive design library and you can also upload your own image of a style you want us to match. Our design team provides detailed CAD drawings for customer approval before an order is made. The whole process is smooth, fast and trouble free.

Try our Design Studio today and see for yourself how easily it works. Find out why Donatello has an A+ rating from BBB. We have a 100% customer satisfaction policy. We keep our word and stay one step ahead in technical advances. We look forward to a long lasting partnership with your company.

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