Stiles and Rails

First lets define some terms. The Frame of a door slab is made up of Stiles, the upright members, and Rails, the horizontal members. The term Frame is sometimes misused to refer to the structure that the door slabs attach to, rather then the correct term of Jamb.

Donatello makes three sizes of frame, meaning the width of the stiles and the height of the rails.
For Classic and Lucia entry doors we offer 3 14” and 6″ frames (85mm & 150mm). The 6″ is heavier looking and can accommodate both cylindrical and mortise style locks without a “bump-out” (a widening of the stile at the lockset position). The 3 14” frame looks lighter and allows more glass to be visible. It can accomodate a mortise style lockset without a bump-out but will require one for a cylindrical lockset.

Our uniquely strong steel construction enables Eurolite doors and windows to have the narrowest frame of all. At only 1 12” (40mm), Eurolite has a light and airy look with the most exposed glass. All Eurolite doors need a bump-out for the lockset but we recommend a mortise style with a 2″ backset for the best appearance and operation.

When a kick panel is included on a Classic or Lucia door, an extra rail, the same height as the top and bottom rails, goes below the window.

Eurolite doors do not have kick panels but the bottom rails come in three heights, 1 12”, 5” and 7 12” (40mm, 125mm & 190mm).