Security of Wrought Iron Doors

When you consider the many choices you have for your estate’s front entrance, it would normally be safe to assume to have to choose between elegance and security. However, investing in an exterior iron door made of hand crafted wrought iron and steel – theirs is no compromise. Increasingly in our times, security is a primary reason why homeowners choose to upgrade to their front entry door. Wrought iron doors are virtually indestructible and a major deterrent to criminals, they are batter proof, fire proof and can turn a home into a veritable fortress. Donatello exterior iron doors can also contain the most sophisticated home defense systems, invisibly. Special conduits come standard in the doors to run wiring for custom electronic locks and alarm systems. This allows for key-less entry, automatic, remote locking – even remote viewing of visitors from your phone and other invaluable safety features. While our wrought iron front doors look deceptively elegant, when combined with a high-grade alarm system, they provide the strongest deterrence to an unwanted intruder that money can buy.

In terms of sheer physical strength, all of our exterior iron doors are made to withstand the force of a Category 5 hurricane with winds up to 160 mph and impacts by both large and small debris. Our testing standards include structural design pressure test of 105 pounds per square foot (psf). Test doors were subjected to multiple impacts by a 2 x 4 wooden stud travelling at 50 ft/sec, followed by rapidly changing positive and negative pressures up to 70 psf. In addition, Donatello Doors test team attempted entry with battering rams and fire axes – and the iron doors withstood all tests. Even the highest quality wooden or fiberglass doors simply do not come close to the sheer strength of our exterior iron doors.

Wrought iron doors remain unscathed and durable under all conditions. Donatello Doors are made of 2″ thick, high-grade 12 gauge steel – which is the heaviest gauge available in any steel door. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the steel, so 14 and 16 gauge steel is thinner and lighter than 12 gauge. A Donatello steel door can weigh up to 400 pounds. Yet, when you open and close it, it is weightlessly balanced. Once closed and locked – the sense of protection is profound…

Our 5/8″ solid steel wrought iron scroll-work is not just beautifully decorative but is a first line of defense against forced entry through the included, separately opening windows.
When choosing a steel entry door, there are other concerns to keep in mind. Extremes temperature have long been an obstacle for wrought iron door manufacturers. Not long ago, exterior front doors were only suitable for warm climates because steel is an excellent conductor of heat. With the standard polyurethane insulation in the majority steel front doors the door surface inside will remain the same as the outside. This means that, in freezing weather, condensation and even frost can accumulate on the inside of the door. Donatello Doors is the original iron door company to develop a complete “thermal break” system for wrought iron doors. This innovative technology, called Polar Shield™, prevents heat loss and stops the cold on the outside from getting into the house. This means that, whether you live in Alaska or Idaho, when you purchase an exterior iron door, your home is protected from extreme weather as well as unwanted intruders.

Every smallest part of a Donatello door is created with durability in mind: from the dual pane, safety glass to the integral drop seal and triple thick weather stripping, to our hinges, locks and handles – we build to last. This is why Donatello Doors is able to give a Lifetime Structural Warranty and the best general warranty in the business.

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