Lucia Entry Doors

Our Lucia Line was introduced in 2018 in response to customer demands. Lucia is built with the same materials and techniques of our Traditional entry doors – including the same heavy steel construction and solidity. The are available in straight, eyebrow-arch and full-arch shapes, with a full choice of sidelights and transoms to match. As with Traditional entry doors the stiles and rails are available in two sizes, 3 ¾” and 6” (85mm and 100mm).

Lucia features fixed windows with 7 choices of separated lights, including both internal and external, ¾” wide (20mm), faux muntins.The dual pane insulated glass units have a ½”, argon filled, thermal gap. This provides the highest level of energy efficiency for doors, sidelights and transoms.

With a clean and modern look, a Lucia entry door combines the quality and solidity of steel with the simplicity of geometric shapes.

Please note that all Lucia doors include Polar Shield® thermal break technology.

Start now and design design a Lucia door unit using our Design Studio or call our office to consult with a designer.