Insulated Iron Doors Head North

Over the last 10 years there has been a tremendously increased appreciation for the style and security of wrought iron doors. But serious thermal inefficiency has meant poor energy ratings and, even worse, condensation or even frost on the inside of doors in below freezing temperatures.

If you want the ultimate in beauty and security, there is nothing superior to an iron door. The expressiveness of wrought iron is almost limitless and each piece is a unique piece of art. Their security is renowned, making the home’s entry door one of the strongest points in any security system. Maintenance is also excellent – with finishes that will outlast wooden doors many times over.

Wrought iron doors are also available at quite competitive prices, and you can usually get a completely customized entryway, including sidelights and transoms, at a price that compares favorably with high quality wood or fiberglass. Most iron doors also include large glass windows, that can be opened independently of the doors, at no extra charge.

The big problem has been poor thermal performance. Steel is a very poor insulator or, more accurately, an extremely good conductor. This means that the surface temperature on the inside of the door stays about the same as the outside. Not so bad if you live in CA – but devastating during a winter in Chicago! Even in warm areas, if the door is in full sun, it will transmit that heat to the inside.

Standard ‘foam insulation’ in the core of an iron door does almost nothing to stop heat transfer and the only real solution is a complete “Thermal Break” – where the inside and outside surfaces are thermally separated. This technology has been difficult to apply to iron doors and, only in 2014 did one company, Donatello Doors, begin shipping doors with a full thermal break.

This patent pending technology is a game changer, with a 1000% improvement in insulation. Developers and contractors from all areas of the USA and Canada can now include these impressive doors in custom homes with complete peace of mind and full warranty.

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