Cylindrical Lock

A cylindrical lock is the simplest lock type. The deadbolt and the latch are separate cylinders and work independently.

The major advantage of a cylindrical lock is it less expensive than the mortise style. Surprisingly, this lock was only invented in the last century. So, although it is the most basic of locks, it hasn’t been around for long.

The disadvantages are that it is less secure than the mortise style. It is also not available in less than a 238” backset. So a Classic or Contempo door with narrower, 314“, stile will require a bump-out.

Mortise Lock

A mortise lock has a more complicated mechanism and is common in up market homes and commercial construction. They are more expensive than Cylindrical locks but are more durable. The deadbolt is incorporated into the lock body, which also makes them more secure.

Mortise locks have a stronger return spring than cylindrical locks. They also offer the added benefit of being able to release both the latch and the deadbolt when you turn the lever. Mortise locks are available in both 2″ and 234” backsets used in our doors. Classic and Contempo doors with 314” stile do not require a bump-out with a 2″ backset mortise.

Pull Handles with Deadbolt and Roller Catches

Pull Handles can have a traditional look or simple clean lines. They are available for any of our doors. They are matched with adjustable spring loaded roller catches that hold the door closed. Note, however, that there is no latch to positively hold the door closed. A deadbolt is included with this option for securely locking the door.

Choose from 4 different styles :

You may also purchase a lockset from another source. Our standard (and free) boring is either for Baldwin Reserve cylindrical locks or baldwin mortice with 2″ or 234” backset. For the boring specifications please download this archive containing pdf files .

If you are buying a Classic door and purchasing a lockset from another source, please choose an inside handle with a round knob, as horizontal handles will interfere with the operation of the opening windows.

We can also bore for other kinds of lockset for an additional charge You will also need to send the lockset to us so that we can check that it fits properly.