Door Dimensions & Configurations

These dimensions are only guidelines – you may order any size you wish.

  • Eurolight doors and fixed panel sizes

    Eurolight doors standard size is 3ft wide by 7ft tall. Doors may be single or added together as doubles.
    Fixed panels are available in 3ft and 6ft widths to match.
    Standard Transom heights are 1ft and 2ft but we can make any size you choose to fit your design requirements.

  • Classic and Lucia door slab sizes

    Classic and Lucia doors are 3ft wide as standard.
    The heights vary from 7ft to 9ft, depending on the top style.

  • Outside dimensions of door units

    The standard overall sizes vary depending on the door type and configuration.
    Please refer to the chart below as a guide.


Outside dimensions are in inches:
Please note that the rough opening size should be 34” wider and 12” taller than the outside dimensions of door unit.

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