Highly Protective Powder Coated Finishes

Donatello Doors are now 100% Thermoset Powder Coated to Marine Standards

Our 9 Step Treatment Process:
1 Surface Etching Door components are dipped into a special mix of chemicals cleans and etches the surface to increase adhesion of powder.
2 ZINC PHOSPHATE After rinsing, the door parts are dipped in a zinc phosphate solution. The chemical reacts with the steel to form a zinc barrier that is an industry standard for rust proofing
3 OVEN DRY The zinc coated parts are then dried in an oven to remove all residual moisture
4 PRIMER POWDER Next we apply a marine quality powder primer by electrostatic spray. This method ensures the coating reaches into all areas.
5 FIRST OVEN CURE The parts are cured in an oven at 180ºC for 20 minutes.
6 BASE COAT POWDER Next we apply the base color powder coat which gives an even color and adds UV protection.
7 SECOND OVEN CURE The parts go back in the oven for another 20 minutes at 180ºC.
8 CLEARCOAT POWDER A Clearcote powder is then applied by electrostatic spray. The gives a super durable finish and even more UV protection.
9 THIRD OVEN CURE The parts go back in the oven for a third baking at 180ºC for 30 minutes. This integrates all layers together to give "hard as nails" protection.

Donatello is the ONLY Iron Door Manufacturer to offer different finish choices for inside and outside.
For instance, a red or black or red door maybe perfect for the outside your home but you may want white inside to match your home decor.

Choose where you want which finish:

Wrought Iron Door Outside Jamb
Outside Jamb Finish
Wrought Iron Door Outside Door
Outside Door Finish
Wrought Iron Door Inside Jamb
Inside Jamb Finish
Wrought Iron Door Inside Door
Inside Door Finish

* Note that the Door Outside color includes both sides of the scrollwork.

Choose from 11 Decorative finishes:

Wrought Iron Door Finish Dark Copper
07 Dark Copper
Wrought Iron Door Finish Medium Copper
06 Medium Copper
Wrought Iron Door Finish Rubbed Bronze
08 Rubbed Bronze
Wrought Iron Door Finish Pewter
02 Pewter
Wrought Iron Door Finish Satin Black
10 Satin Black
Wrought Iron Door Finish Satin Black
11 Paper White
Wrought Iron Door Finish French Vanilla
21 French Vanilla
Wrought Iron Door Finish Venetian Red
23 Venetian Red
Wrought Iron Door Finish Pale Beige
25 Pale Beige
Wrought Iron Door Finish Taupe
29 Taupe

About Metallic Finishes:

Finishes 02, 06, 07 and 08 are made with a black base coat plus a light texturing of metallic powder in the clearcoat - adding a special character to the surface.