The Benefits of a Wrought Iron Entryway

wrought iron entryways are a symbol of elegance, status and old world craftsmanship. They adorn mansions, cathedrals, museums and prestigious buildings everywhere. But they are also a highly practical choice that gives your home the greatest security and requires the least maintenance over a lifetime. A wrought iron entranceway is a timeless statement of value – recognized the world over.

Cylindrical Locksets are used on both commercial and residential properties. Each wrought iron door lockset comes with a handle and thumb release on the outside. The inside has a turn handle to release the latch. Cylindrical Locksets also include an integral deadbolt for added security. On iron double doors we also include an exactly matching dummy lockset and handle for the inactive door.
We are proud to offer Baldwin Reserve locksets – renowned for excellent quality and reliability.

The Benefits of a Wrought Iron Entryway

More than any other part of a home, your entryway sets the tone and standard for everything that follows. It is like your smile, that conveys the uniqueness of who you are at a glance. A wrought iron entryway always conveys secure, solid quality and can express your distinctive style like no other. With Donatello craftsmanship and artistry, your entry door can be an original, a one of a kind treasure that will give pleasure to you and your family for a lifetime.


Best Security

Security is a top reason for choosing a wrought iron entryway, which can turn your home into a veritable fortress, while still looking elegant. The 109 Mil steel we use is the strongest in the industry and is virtually impenetrable. Every component of your door, including; steel, hinges, locks, latches, seals and glass are designed with security in mind. We can also build your door with conduits for security alarms, cameras or high tech electronic locks. Another security feature is the ability to open the integral window to interact with someone before unlocking your door. Donatello wrought iron entryways are also certified to withstand hurricane force winds and flying debris. Prestigious jewelry stores choose Donatello Doors to guard their valuables and we build every door so it will provide the best security for you and your family.

Increased Home Value

Studies from ‘Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report’ reveal that a wrought iron entry door will give you the biggest return on your investment – more than any other investment in your home!

But value is not just dollars. Value also includes functionality, ease of use, durability, the amount of maintenance required, and even the amount of pleasure the object gives to us! Our customers universally agree that buying their Donatello door was the best decision they made in their new, or newly remodeled home. It is a statement of elegance and wealth, yet it’s actual cost can be competitive with a premium wooden door – and is always less than our competitors. Later, should you decide to put your home on the market, you’ll be very glad you invested in something that creates such dramatic curb appeal.

Increased Home Value

wrought iron entryways Provide Strength & Durability

Every Donatello door is made from 109 Mil steel – the strongest available, with solid wrought ironwork. Forged with precision and care by experienced artisans to the most exacting standards, it is treated with a rust and weather resistant finish to protect it from anything that mother nature can dish out. No other kind of door can withstand the bumps and bruises of life like an iron door. In a suburban neighborhood, when firemen were beating down doors during an evacuation, a Donatello door was the only door they were unable to get through – even with their fire axes and battering rams! Every part of your door is manufactured with durability in mind: from the welded hinges to the the dual pane, safety glass and integral drop seals – Donatello doors are built to last.

Ease of Maintenance

Unlike wood doors, that can rot and splinter and require regular painting, and unlike fiberglass that can delaminate and split; wrought iron entryways require no regular maintenance to preserve their beauty and functionality. The only thing you will need to do is wash them with non abrasive soap. BTW, since the glass windows open inward, they are easily cleaned from inside your home. Iron only improves with age and once you have your door installed, you should never have any maintenance issues – only compliments.


Easiest Doors to Install

Donatello wrought iron entryways are easy and simple to install. Just bolt the doorjamb into the house framing, lift the doors onto the precision hinges and the job is done. Everything has been made to your exact specifications so, whether your door is for a new building or a remodel, it will fit exactly into the space allotted for it. Despite the weight of our doors, a contractor or homebuilder will be able to install them in a few hours. Once your door is properly set, it will swing perfectly and open and close effortlessly.

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Dorothy Wannamaker

I just have to write and say how impressed I am with the quality and craftsmanship of your home doors. We chose the Siena double entry door with transom and I can’t get over how beautiful it is and how solid it is in every way. I’m also thrilled that I was able to purchase this door at half the price I would have paid had I bought it elsewhere. Thank you for living up to your claims.

Peter Holder

As a contractor I’ve had the opportunity now to do business with Donatello Doors 3 times this year and I must say, they have provided top customer service and delivered premium quality products at a significant savings. In all cases, my client’s were thrilled with the finished product.

Stan Livingston

Living on top of a mountain in rural Idaho, I’ve had some challenges building my dream home. Donatello Doors, I have to say, is one of the few companies that did what they said they were going to do and didn’t keep revising their price – upward. Thanks for a great door at a great price.

Mr. & Mrs. David Jensen

We had ordered a door with another online company and waited 8 weeks before we were informed that there had been an error in our paperwork and the door hadn’t even been ordered. We were furious and switched our purchase to Donatello Doors. There we were able to get confirmation every step of the way and our door was delivered in record time. I really appreciate the courtesy and care that your company demonstrated.

Mr. Henry Parker

It’s rare that you get such personalized service as I was afforded with Donatello Doors. I hesitated to buy home doors online, but I got far better customer service than I was able to get at my local big box retailer. I’ve had my door now for almost a year and I don’t know which pleases me more – how impressive it is or how much I saved by buying online.

John Arnold

I had been looking for new custom home doors for my vacation home up in Tahoe and the prices I’d been quoted were more than double what I ended up paying by buying online. I got the home doors I wanted (the Venezia pattern) faster than my local contractor would have been able to get the doors he was used to buying. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

Ms. F. Nielson

I bought the Napoli door with side panels and I found the process amazingly simple. I was able to get all my questions answered and when the door was installed it was even more beautiful than the photos had led me to believe. I’m very happy I found your company.

D&N Vanderkwaak

When we contacted Donatello Doors, they immediately responded and helped us through the process. We received the door on the date that they promised. The quality and workmanship of the door is great. The Contractor was able to install it and there were no dimension conflicts. We are very happy overall with the final product.

Lee Hansen

I just had my new Donatello door installed. This door is beyond my expectations. It’s absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe the difference it has made to the first impressions of our house. Well worth the wait. Thanks again for everything. Regards,

Rhonda Miller

Our door has just been installed and we absolutely LOVE it. It certainly adds a beautiful accent to the front of our home!

Tracy Brown

Our door just arrived and it is fabulous, absolutely outstanding I am so excited – it is just gorgeous. I can’t begin to rave about your company enough.

Jack Ilenstine

I would like to say we couldn’t have had a better experience than we had with Donatello Door Co. The doors were delivered on time and in great condition and they are beautiful. We had one small problem with one door and had to replace the glass. Your customer service handled the problem “immediately”. Wow were we surprised with the response we received. If we ever bought another special door we wouldn’t go any other place.

Tony and Carmela Cuzzetto

We have nothing but praise for the product we purchased from you. Your professionalism with this product and service was exceptional from start to finish. Your instructions were very easy to understand and simple to install and level out the door.

Kristin Van Der Geest

Thank you so much. Your beautifully-crafted doors have completely transformed our house. It is the first thing people remark on when they visit. I would also like to have one installed on the back of our house.

Jennifer Langstaff

I wanted to tell you that my husband was duly impressed with our new doors and the quality of them. He even called your company to let you know how much we liked them. We were nervous ordering online for such a big purchase, but the doors are beautiful and well made.

Brian & Melissa Gibbs

I want to thank you for your prompt return phone calls & email responses concerning our door’s delivery status. The door was delivered in a very timely matter as promised, even considering a delay with U.S. Customs. I appreciate you following up on a minor damaged part during the delivery, as well. We love our wrought iron door & it is always the focal point of the front of our house & quite the conversation piece, as well. Thank you for delivering a quality door at a fraction of the cost of local retailers.

Brian Durnin

Our door is great! Its made extremely well and it was very easy to install. Dealing with your customer service was also a pleasure. It was a great all around experience. Thanks,

Rita Bishop

We love our Donatello door – it is beautiful and we get daily compliments on it.

SGT Dustin S. Frederick

I purchased an 8ft arched double door and the overall quality is like no other. I considered buying a similar door at lowes but it was the same price as the door I purchased from you and would require regular maintenance of the wood – this door is maintenance free. I love being able to open the glass to let the spring air flow in while still being able to lock my door to keep my kids safe. I could go on but the bottom line is I love my door.

Creighton & Debbie Belt

We worked with Kirsten for several weeks designing a 12 foot high x 8 foot wide entry door system for the custom home we are building in New Orleans. The design & engineering team at Donatello doors was very helpful and professional. The quality of the door/workmanship is second to none. We have had several compliments on the door – and the house is still 4-5 months from being completed. Donatello Doors are highly dedicated professionals making sure you get the door you want, that you are completely happy with it, and you get it at a more than fair price. If you buy a door anywhere else, you’re making a mistake !!!

Vicky Sokol

When I began my search for a company to create the look of our custom iron front doors, I had no idea what type of company I would intrust my time and money with to complete my purchase. Thankfully, with the excellent communication via email and phone I received from Kirsten, our doors arrived on time, in excellent condition and were designed exactly how we wanted. Donatello Doors are an excellent company, providing high quality goods and services. They truly make for an excellent on line business experience.I can not thank you enough for your professionalism.

Christine & Gary Dowell

As the owner/builders of our home I can say your customer service was wonderful during the entire process. We love our door and your price was very reasonable. We show the door to everyone who stops by to see the house.

Tim Mistry

Our door came yesterday and the installation was today. I literally can’t express how pleased I am with your product and service. Our door is simply incredible. It completes the look of our home and exudes elegance. The build quality is far above my expectation. It was much easier than expected to install. I wanted to pass this on to express my gratitude. Thanks for over-delivering, thanks for the excellent service and for an amazingly high quality product.

Anna Rumore

My door was installed today. I can’t begin to explain to you the feeling I had when I drove up into my circular driveway, parked in front of the door, and just stared at it !! After I got over the Awe I backed up, got out of the car and stared a little more !! lol My door is beyond my wildest dreams, its gorgeous, elegant, impressive, and well made. I cannot thank you enough !

Jason Barr

THANK YOU SO MUCH for being the type of business committed to your clients enjoying a lifetime of satisfaction with your fine product!

Stan Young

I will have to admit that I was wary at first as buying an expensive door on-line, that you have not seen in person, is a somewhat of a leap of faith. However, The Donatello Doors website was much more detailed than the rest. More importantly, the Donattello team was great. They answered all my questions and worked carefully with me to help me craft my door. The door itself is great. It is a high quality, heavy door that looks just like the CAD drawings. Thank you Donatello!