Five Tips on Working with Contractors
Doing your homework before you hire can prevent you from being scammed, paying too much or spending months in chaos while your contractor goes over time and over budget. Even when the improvement is needed in a hurry, like a leaking roof, or damaged windows, you’ll be glad you followed these simple steps to get what you pay for. 1.
Custom wrought Iron door design
Wrought iron doors have been used in stately homes and royal castles – they carry the proud heritage of style, quality craftsmanship and beauty in a way that makes them timeless. Donatello doors makes wrought iron doors and complementary structures such as sidelights and transoms. Time honored techniques of ages past have been improved by better quality materials, tools and
Updating Your Entry Door
If you are planning to sell your home, updating the entry is even more important because buyers are known to make their decision before they even enter the home. Never underestimate the benefits of curb appeal when presenting your home. Too often a potential buyer will just drive by and not even stop to see all the upgrades inside if
Custom door design
Custom homeowners have discovered the timeless beauty and unmatched safety provided by iron. In addition to being virtually unbreakable, they are fire proof and can express creative flair better than any other material. Only one company, Donatello Doors has patent pending thermal break technology, which has made iron doors suitable in every climate. This new internal design, keeps the cold
Doors design
Many have tried, but have only managed a partial solution. Donatello Doors Polar Shield™ technology has now made wrought iron doors thoroughly suitable for cold climates. The temperature difference between inside and outside can be over 100º F in cold winters and steel doors conduct that heat right out the door. When the cold from outside meets the warmth inside,
Insulated iron doors are constructed using steel tubing which is filled with polyurethane foam for insulation. But, the steel itself conducts the heat right around that insulation and out into the atmosphere. In freezing weather iron entry doors will suffer from condensation and even frost on the inside of the door. “The inside of the door surface will stay about
Iron doors
CM: Tell our readers about your company. RH: Donatello Doors manufactures hand built, wrought iron doors, windows, garage doors, railings and gates. While our main focus over the last 15 years has been entry doors; we offer other products so residential and commercial home builders can create an aesthetic theme throughout an entire home. CM: What are the advantages of